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Reduce stress.

Beat anxiety.

Sleep soundly.

21st century living has its perks, but it comes at a cost. Between juggling daily commitments and being bombarded by global news, the number of people experiencing stress and anxiety keeps rising.

Only 4 minutes.

to reduce stress

and feel healthy

Stimulating the vagus nerve activates your nervous system, which helps your body “rest and digest.” Your heart rate will slow, and you’ll feel calmer, less stressed, and less anxious.

Pulsetto is a long-term solution

Transform your life with the Pulsetto vagus nerve stimulator – the long-term answer for improving your overall well-being. Some stress-relief solutions only act as a quick fix. Pulsetto’s non-invasive pulse therapy helps reduce stress in the long run.

What does it

feel like?

Pulsetto feels like a pleasant, light vibration or tingling sensation in your neck area

How Pulsetto Works?

The vagus nerve, controlling the parasympathetic nervous system, regulates vital functions. Its stimulation activates this system, enabling the body to restore balance, resulting in a calmer, less stressed, and less anxious state.

By stimulating this nerve, we can activate the body’s relaxation response, reducing stress and anxiety and promoting better sleep.

Here’s what users reported after 15 sessions with Pulsetto

Clinically proven results

Pulsetto reduces anxiety and stress by 64.5% for long lasting relief. It’s drug-free and it works

Take action now to

improve your life for good

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