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our story

After suffering years of chronic illness, enduring constant pain for 35 years, undergoing numerous surgeries, and trying countless treatments that provided no relief, our founder, Adriana, decided to explore alternative areas of health for answers.

Due to her persistent illness since childhood and the relentless pain that medication couldn't alleviate, her physical, emotional, and mental well-being suffered. Her conditions are classified as "rare," and conventional tests failed to identify them. As a result, she became her advocate, possessing a profound understanding of her body that even surpassed that of her doctors. She experimented with various treatments, experiencing minor successes but mostly without any significant improvement.

It was during this journey that she discovered a new approach to pain management, involving the re-training of her brain and exploring alternative paths to wellness. Initially skeptical, she delved into the scientific understanding of the brain's capabilities, embarking on her path toward recovery. While still in the process of healing, she is determined to share her resources and knowledge with others, so they can avoid the suffering she endured.

We have developed a methodology that empowers individuals to actively participate in identifying the underlying causes of their illnesses and utilize available technology and techniques to expedite the healing process.

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